Bundle: Perspectives From Church History and The Truth about Worldviews

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Perspectives From Church History was written as a basic introduction to the subject, this course covers four major periods of church history: The Ancient Church, The Medieval Church, The Reformation Church, and The Modern Church. The focus of this study is to gain perspective, both comforting and challenging, to many current issues faced today. Studying history gives understanding of the complexities and richness of Christian faith and doctrine, as well as reinforcement that the Church will triumph.

James P. Eckman, 96 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-67-4,  Item# 1105


The Truth about Worldviews in a world where multiple "truths" abound, Christians need to be on their guard to avoid deception by other ways of looking at the world in opposition to Christ and His Word. To be prepared is to be well informed and how other worldviews differ from Christianity. This work analyzes the main world religions, cults, and philosophical systems relating to spirituality, morality, and the meaning of life.

James P. Eckman, 122 pages, paper, ISBN 978-1-929852-47-5, Item# 1195