Bundle: Evangelism for the 21st Century & Understanding People

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Evangelism for the 21st Century

Contemporary evangelism is not really different--and yet extremely different--than any other time in history. The world of the first disciples was full of idolatry, political corruption, and gross immortality; much like our own culture. We must be bold, offer hope, be genuine, build relationships, and emphasize wholeness.

Kevin Riggs, 128 pages, paper, ISBN 978-1-929852-88-8,  Item #1196



Understanding People

To truly understand working with people we must combine the rigorous formal study of developmental issues with our own observations and thorough study of Scripture. This book helps the Bible teacher enhance ministry effectiveness. An appreciation for the intricacies of growth and development positively influence every person we contact.

Cheryl Lynn Fawcett, 96 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-99-5, Item# 1145