Exalt His Name - Understanding Music and Worship - Book 2

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Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together Psalm 34:3

“The Psalmist” draws all of life into proper perspective he reminds us to ”Magnify and Exalt the Name of the Lord, Together.” His "Oh, . . . Let Us [Magnify and Exalt}" is not a recommendation to be considered. It is an imperative to be obeyed. Four essential ingredients to this imperative deserve attention. The first three essentials are relatively easy to understand and follow. Pondering the last essential, “with me, together” may take a bit more time, and the purpose for this study course.

By: Vernon M. Whaley           ISBN: 978-0-910566-02-5          Pages 174


Table of Content



Chapter 1: Authentic Worship: Confirming the Call

Chapter 2: Old Testament Principles for Music and Worship

Chapter 3: New Testament Principles for Music and Worship

Chapter 4: Overview of the Great Awakenings

Chapter 5: Trends & Innovations in Worship, Part 1

Chapter 6: Trends & Innovations in Worship, Part 2

Chapter 7: The Dynamic Roles of the Worship Leader, Part 1

Chapter 8: The Dynamic Roles of the Worship Leader, Part 2

Chapter 9: Building an Effective Music & Worship Ministry

Chapter 10: Worship and Serving

Chapter 11: Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Chapter 12: Where Do We Go from Here?